Kallisti Tavern

Visit our tavern and discover flavors inspired by the delicious heritage

the local, Greek and Mediterranean tradition.

Kallisti Tavern has been located in Pirgos Kallistis village in Santorini since 1989, when in the alleys of the village you could hear the president or the secretary through the loudspeakers, when you ran on Sundays after church for a good place in the field above the football field and the donkeys had the role of taxis inside the village!

Kallisti started by making grilled skewers, lamb ribs, chicken on a spit, tomato fritters, Greek salad and stuffed Santorini PDO tomatoes! Mr. Nektarios’ passion and craftsmanship achieved to make this tavern loved by both locals and visitors.

It has won several gastronomic awards and has many references to tourist guides, advertisements and magazines around the world! We are open twelve months a year with homemade, all-year round and seasonal flavors!

It cooperates with the best suppliers of the island, maintaining its quality and character. Maybe all these have a completely different point of view in front of the fireplace in winter or under the shade of the olive tree in summer and even more when there is a bouzouki playing next to you!